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 Canon List ~ UPC Soldiers
 Posted: Jan 23 2014, 03:24 PM
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Although this is listed with the canon lists, it is not really actually a list, but instead, it is a primer on the abilities of UPC augmented soldiers to use when building a character.

Nanite Enhanced Soldiers
Nicknames: Nans, Buggers, Colonials
Primary means of enhancement is through a colony of micro robots called Nanites that look much like bugs under a microscope.

The colony monitors the body 24/7 and automatically responds to the needs of the host. They do not need the host to be conscious and many times are more efficient when the host is unconscious.

Nanites give the following abilities to all hosts (as per the Powers List):
  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Speed
  • Athletic Endurance
In addition, the augmentation has proven to affect the soldiers in other areas also. Along with the above abilities, choose one ability off the following list (as per the Powers List):
  • Reactive Adaptation & Poison/Toxin Immunity
  • Superhuman Vision
  • Superhuman Audio & Olfactory
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Damage Reduction (Physical)
  • Marksmanship & Peak Human Agility
  • Swordsmanship & Peak Human Agility
The nanite enhancement is an expensive augmentation, and makes the soldier a valuable commodity that could be used against the UPC if turned to another cause. To avoid this, each naninite soldier is tracked by their nanites. To remove the tracking, they need to remove the nanites.

Buggers need to get prior authorization from the UPC before leaving the country.

Chemically Enhanced Soldiers
Nicknames: Juicers, Chemlights (If you break them, they glow), Bakers
Primary means of enhancement is through a battery of chemicals stored in a Dispenser Hub in their body. Because each soldier's body is different, the placement of the hub varies. The hub ensures the right amount of each chemical is released when triggered. The soldier triggers the Hub through a series of thoughts in a specific order unique to each soldier .

Unlike soldiers with nanites who are always augmented, Juicer augmentation takes a few seconds to kick in and it burns out of their system leaving them human again. It takes training for juicers to learn to compensate for the difference in strength unlike a nanite soldier who is always augmented.

The chemicals give soldiers the following abilities (as per the Powers List):
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Superhuman Endurance
*This does make a Juicer a 7.5 point character when it comes to powers. However due to the extreme limitations and weaknesses that are impressed upon this group, this is considered a 6 point character.

A profound side effect of juicing is the long term effects it has on the body. Without the healing component nanites provide, Juicers tend to succumb earlier to the stresses put on their body. The life expectancy of a Juicer is 5-8 years if they do not see extensive action.

The UPC guards its cocktail of chemicals diligently, and unbeknownst to the volunteers and Avant Guarde Pharmaceuticals, they have installed a fail safe that allows them to release all of the chemicals in a soldiers system at once in a chemical bomb that fries the brain and destroys the hub with the remaining chemicals in it.

Due to the relatively inexpensive cost and upkeep of Juicers, they are more numerous making tracking them economically unfeasible, so termination is the UPC precaution of choice.

Juicers are not allowed to leave the country, be it for business or pleasure, without a UPC handler accompanying them. Any travel away from home city must have prior authorization from the UPC as well as including an itinerary and a status update schedule to be determined before departure.

Undoing the 'juicing' process is not physiologically possible.

In the situation that a Juicer were to find a mutant healer to heal them from their chemical dependency and 'juicing' damages, there is a 50% chance the Juicer will simply die in the process. (Should you choose this route an Admin will roll a die to see if the character lives.) The best case scenario in this instance would be the former Juicer becoming weak with a suppressed immune system, much like a drug addict after years and years of heavy abuse. Some of this strength may eventually be recovered, but the former Juicer would always be weaker than they once were, thin, and more prone to illness.
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