Characters: Jenny Thomas, Anna Wallace, Gina Lutz, Kaida Takadai, Jackson Street, Melody Guthrie and Kitty Pryde

Thread that best shows off your writing: Training? and Jinxed.

Writing strengths? Quick responses with meat (so not just a few words). Digging into characters motivations a bit.

What are you working on as a writer? Making my posts longer, using different words and really trying to find ways of digging in further to the characters psyche.

What were the biggest influences to your writing? Heinlein, Lucas, Herbert, JMS, Whedon.

Favorite X-men storyline/comic/artist/series? Storyline: Reaching way way back is probably the inital Brood one or the original Dark Phoenix. Single issue comic: Uncanny X-Men 303; it was the first one that I ever picked up. Artists: Oh god, The Kurbert brothers (Andy and Adam); Silvestri; Madureira; Cockrim; Byrne; Lee (I keep telling you all I have problems choosing!). Series: Original New Mutants and Generation X. Uncanny comes in third just because it's the original.

What drew you to BMF? KEL! We had a game together that died and I told her I missed gaming with her so she sent me this site.

What is your favorite aspect of BMF? The community. The fact that people work together to create plots and interconnected characters. That ideas aren't just 'no' but willing to be worked with. And the unique application.

Where would you like to see BMF go in the future? Anywhere it can. More plots. More posts. To grow and get bigger and take over the world...

In Character Posting Dates: March 1, 2015 - May 15, 2015

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 McCoy , Dr. Henry Francis, Beast |Karl Urban 40
Dr. Henry McCoy
 Posted: May 1 2014, 10:06 AM

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Dr. Henry F. McCoy
Player Info
Player Alias:Brent
Activity Level:1-3 min
RP Experience:what year is it?......dam long time then

Top 3 Authors:Rick Riordan, Jim Butcher, Steven King...I manage a book store
Top 3 Bands:Metallica, The Beatles, Foo Fighters
Top 3 Movies:There Will be Blood, The Fugitive, Shakespear in Love

Contact:PM, AIM, Yahoo E-mail, smoke signals
Mod Interest:What do they do again?
Character Info
Codename:Beast, Hank, Bones
Face Claim:Karl Urban

Eyes & Hair:Blue and Blue
Height: 5'11
Weight:450lbs of solid muscle
Scars, Marks or Tats:none lotta fur covering him

- Your views on your character.
What is your character’s super power?
Beast has a physical mutation that makes him appear more feline. He is covered in blue fur and has feline irises in his eyes. Beast has superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed, despite his size. He is as agile as a great ape and has the acrobatic skills equal to a circus performer. Due to his enhanced endurance, his body is capable of surviving a three story fall and landing on his feet without any injuries. His legs allow him to leap fifteen straight up from a standing position and twenty five feet forward or backwards. Beast is also able to run on four legs up to 40MPH in short bursts. He can crawl up walls using his fingers and toes in small cracks and walk a tightrope. He likes to use his agility to perform difficult series of flips, rolls, and springs, as well as walk on his hands for hours. Hank is ambidexterous in both his hands and feet and likes to show off by writing, tying knots or playing the piano with both his fingers and toes.

Beast's enhanced senses give him exceptional eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. He has the ability to secrete pheromones that attract women (though he's more convinced they love his superior intellect) and he has a slight healing factor which makes him able to heal from minor injuries or ailments like colds faster than others. Each of his fingers and toes has a one inch long retractible razor sharp claw. His enhanced strength enables him to lift approximately ten tons at a dead lift.

What are the drawbacks or limitations to the power? Or what other powers may affect it?
Beasts superhuman attributes do not make him invulnerable to harm or immune to disease. His thickened hide can still be pierced and his healing factor does not make him immune to all diseases poisons or toxins. He has a tough time blending in due to hs physical mutation of being covered in blue fur, and his enhanced senses can be exploited against him with extremly bright lights or loud sounds. He's easily emotionally influenced and often struggles with the more bestial side of his mutation when he gets angry.

What other characters on the site does your character know or interact with?
Hank has been a member of the X-Men for a very long time, so he knows all of the X-ers in some capacity or another. He probably mentors a few students, no doubt has his teacher's pets among them, and I figure he is probably very close friends with both Bobby and Kurt. He doesn't like to take a leadership role and prefers to be in his laboratory figuring out how things work and what makes them tick, so any labrat X-men or students are probably close with him as well. Just stay out of his Twinkies!

What are your short and long term goals for your character?
Hank has always been an advocate for a peace and coexistance between mutants and humans (I think its safe to say that's a long term goal.) He's come to terms with his mutatin, but would like to keep it from deteriorating further. In the short term I'd like to see Hank take an active role in the mansion and on the team as teacher, mentor, friend and member.

What kind of plot/s would you like to see? Or see for your character?
Romance could be possible if the lady doesn't mind him shedding on the furinture. I also see Hank struggling with the sometimes more animalistic and bestial side of his abilities. Any plot with the X-Men or where he would be needed as a political liason is welcome as well.

- In character interview questions.
Standing in front of a mirror, what do you see? What do you like and dislike about what you see?
Oh we do like to get the introspective look every so often do we not. Very well then I am just as bold as the next man. I see the man i was supposed to be and I see the mutant standing there as well. I see both the animal that could be and man that tries to tame the beast..........Beast I do bring some truth to that word. But then again according to Robert Louise Stevenson and the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aren't we all both men and beast battling for control. And yet it is that same battle that we use to be better men and mutants....I also see that I need a haircut. I like the man that I was and am I like the mutant that is bravely being a man for mutants. I like what my mind has brought to the world of science and the betterment of both man and mutant kind. And yet.............I hate that for all I've said and for all I can be............I am feared by almost all from the moment their eyes see me and judge me. I hate that they may be right and that i am just a beast pretending to be a man. That one day my mind will be gone and I won't even recognize the faces of my best friends as I attack them and if they should fall to my anger I won't even feel sad. Animals don't apologize for their kills you see. That's what I see if that answers your question.

What are your favorite clothes? What do you wear clubbing? Sunday in front of the TV?
Clothes.......fashion.....those two things to me have never made much sense to me. I mean it's not that I don't like a good suit in a formal occasion. I do in fact think I look quite smashing in black. However I spend my days in laboratories more often then not. I used to really pull of the university look. A good sweater vest button up and comfortable slacks. Now a days well i get a bit overheated if you understand when wearing clothing all the time. So in the lab I'm more comfortable in just the slacks and the coat. You see im sort of wearing this full time fur coat and well if you think you can get irate in the heat then.........well forgive me if I don't find myself being at my up most sympathetic. Although you could convince me into a tux for most any foral occasion. I don't go clubbing as I believe it's called, Not my type of thing, to loud you see. However if their is ball going on then you will most certainly find me there. Costume balls are even better I once went home with a ribbon for first place.

What makes you happy? Sad? Angry? Turned on?
Well in the area of happiness I do enjoy many splendid activities. I like going to the opera, a nice glass of wine, I've become quite good on the piano as well. Something about music and the savage beast. Sunrises are lovely as well as a stroll outdoors. I love science and math as most quote unquote egg heads do. Then again I also enjoy a good game of foot ball, I played for a time back in school when I was a younger man. You should have seen me back then. Thought I really understood the best way of hiding my abilities. I mean large hands and large feet were hardly noticeable qualities of mutation. Obviously I enjoy a good meal although I confess for reasons that almost baffle me I do love twinkies. Any of the staff around here will tell you that I have two rules in my laboratory one wash your hands.......two stay away from the twinkies. I also enjoy a good book and theater, ah William Shakespeare, now that was a man who could really capture the feeling....you know theory points out he may have in fact been a mutant.

Hank looks like he could in fact be blushing on the next question. "As far as the world of women go......well I don't really get out and date much. I think though that I'd like a woman who enjoys an intelligent conversation. A girl who likes people for what's on the inside. Sweet and honest, a girl who could stay up all night watching the stars and actually name 4 constellation's in the night sky. How dose one blend that supermodel like appeal and drop in a brilliant scientific mind......tell me that and you'll be the smartest man on the planet. In all seriousness, I'd think I like a woman who could just see me for who I really am."

Back then I was ashamed of people finding out what I was. I just wasn't happy to leave it alone. Oh people may have had reservations about me back then but compared to too..." Hank looks at his hands and his eyes become stone and when he looks up they seem far away. "I just couldn't leave it alone you see. My mutation was an obsession. I was a gifted an of science and to a degree very proud. Hubris such a weakness and a particularly bad one for intelligent people the world over. I thought I could change it...or control it and all I did was escalate it. I foolishly thought....for one moment it worked. Then, well I may have been a called clown boy or boat feet back then even once in awhile i was called a freak. But afterwardsI was monster...even other mutants were scared of me. I was man of science of reason dammit.." Slowly rises from chair. begins pacing but soon starts moving more like animal like. "I ONLY WANTED TO CONTROL IT....how could anyone understand, constantly trying to reign in control of your darker nature, all the while the world mocks you makes fun of you and all your culture and refinement and good intentions are shattered because they call me an animal.......WELL I AM AN ANIMAL!!"

Grabs chair effortlessly and throws it against the wall shattering a mirror. A few bits of glass hang in the Mirror and he sees his reflection and suddenly his eyes seem to have regained their focus. He looks down and picks up his glasses that fell from his pocket. He cleans them and looks at them like they mean the world to him. I dropped my glasses........I don't really need them you see, my vision is perfect better then almost anyone in the buildings.....I guess I jus--Just like having them around. A way of reminding me who I am and why I can never ever give in to my....bestial nature...I apologize about the chair and mirror and...." Hank wipes a tear away from his eye. "Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody else knows about...Forgive a a man his somber reflections will you. I heard a song once about how it's not easy being green......well how do you think being blue feels?

Were you raised by your family? Was it a productive relationship?
My mother and father cared a great deal for me. They loved me and raised me like any other boy would be. I even attending regular school at the time. My father and mother loved me very much and I always told me to pursue my goals all the way. Life was fairly uneventful i was your average athletic intelligent, super coordinated, super athletic teenager who when he joined football almost got a full scholarship. But all things must come to and end and when I look back on it. I do believe that I am right where I'm supposed to be and helping those I am supposed to help. I do keep in touch with the family although my father's health has declined over the last few years. My mother still gets busy enough to send me my birthday card, Christmas card, thinking of you card, and of course fresh baked cookies. Care for one? They're quite good my mother does know me oh so well.

When did you know you had abilities others didn't? Did it change your life?
I was born a mutant from infancy larger then normal hands and feet, a more solid musculature that would put circus strong men to shame. I though when i was a boy that it was cool, yes I believe that was the word I used. Cool super hero powers. The pleasures of childhood joy. Well before further mutation via experimentation I was a little more unnoticeable in the area of outed mutant. Got pretty far into my teenage years before it was more then obvious. Granted I was more lucky in those times at avoided mutant hysteria and other such things. Oh i'd still get the usual can't sit here, and don't serve your kind here at certain restaurant's Mutant's, almost amusing that in a way we made the rest of the world unite from their previous racial issues with skin color and instead made them hate and entirely different class of gene and species. Isn't human nature something of a wonder?

When my abilities fully manifested yes my life changed. Oh not right away, but soon enough I became embroiled in events which brought my mutation to the light of all those around me and for the safety of my parents and for the belief in Charles dream I became and X-man and even an advocate for mutant rights

Where were you and what were you doing during the Race Riots? Have you experienced any other anti-mutant behavior?
Ah yes the riots. I was wondering if we would ever get around to that time. Who wasn't affected by that. I myself had been a candidate for mutant rights for some time so I was already used to a certain amount of tension, even in the public eye. This however was something unprecedented. Humans and mutants in what amounted to an all out war of sorts. Blood in the streets fear running rampant all over. The pure chaos was our worst fears realized. I'm not certain even where it all started and I for one was more experienced dealing with outright hatred. But this level was entirely different. I manged to get back to the mansion for safety although there were a few men who took up arms against me and I am happy to say that they are all healing up nicley at a hospital and should make a full recovery. After all was it not Gandhi that said. It is better to be violent if there's violence in your heart then to put on a cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.

Are you still towing the line alone, or do you hang out with a group of mutants? Why did you pick them?
I am proud to be an X-men Charles had a dream that he shared with me a long time ago. He was a man who although bound in a chair, stood tall for mutant rights and never wavered in his dream of a world where we could all live in peace. I stand beside my friends and colleagues ready to defend that dream. I will teach younger mutants and human children alike to believe in the dream. The X-men are my family and I will never turn my back to them. For they have never treated me as anything less then the man I am. I am a teacher, I am a man of science, I am a voice for mutants.......I am an X-man

What is your current living situation? How do you pay the bills?
I teach many subjects at the school and also an active member of the X-men. Between that and working in the field of science I've managed to keep the bills paid and even enjoy some pursuit of pleasure that life can afford me. If I can ever tear myself away from the lab or the next crisis at hand. Still I'll always have my science and Biochemistry. Even in a world where mutants are not welcome everywhere they go. A beautiful mind still carries weight. Plus lets face it, it's great PR for anyone trying to get support in the Mutant community so who do you think they call..........precisely.

Are you in a relationship? If not, is there someone you would like to be?
There have been a few ladies in my life who will always hold a special place in my heart. Brief some of them were but always special. Do i have someone I care for now in that way? We nobody specifically however I'm open to conversation in a dating atmosphere, but right now I don't really think it's in the cards, but I'll remain optimistic.

Setting your abilities aside, what are you good at? What can you brag about?
Try me on the basket ball court sometime but I'd leave your girlfriends at home...he he. I've become quite the piano and keyboard player so that's good to break out at parties. I'm smart, smarter then you probably no it's not gloating it's a fact.

Everyone has vices or guilty pleasures, what are yours?
Twinkies, and I also yes it IS nice to have the answers to the hard questions when nobody else knows in the room. As far as naughty...............I have nothing sorry.

Ok, last chance! What should we know about you?

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Dr. Henry McCoy
 Posted: May 1 2014, 05:26 PM

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with the exception of pics Hank is ready for review!

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 Posted: May 2 2014, 12:58 PM


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Thank you for your application. Please allow the staff up to forty eight hours to review the application and if more time is needed, you will be contacted by an admin.
 Posted: May 4 2014, 06:37 AM

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Congratulatsions! You are approved. Make sure you fill out your Face Claim, Who's Who and Plotter.
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