Characters: Jenny Thomas, Anna Wallace, Gina Lutz, Kaida Takadai, Jackson Street, Melody Guthrie and Kitty Pryde

Thread that best shows off your writing: Training? and Jinxed.

Writing strengths? Quick responses with meat (so not just a few words). Digging into characters motivations a bit.

What are you working on as a writer? Making my posts longer, using different words and really trying to find ways of digging in further to the characters psyche.

What were the biggest influences to your writing? Heinlein, Lucas, Herbert, JMS, Whedon.

Favorite X-men storyline/comic/artist/series? Storyline: Reaching way way back is probably the inital Brood one or the original Dark Phoenix. Single issue comic: Uncanny X-Men 303; it was the first one that I ever picked up. Artists: Oh god, The Kurbert brothers (Andy and Adam); Silvestri; Madureira; Cockrim; Byrne; Lee (I keep telling you all I have problems choosing!). Series: Original New Mutants and Generation X. Uncanny comes in third just because it's the original.

What drew you to BMF? KEL! We had a game together that died and I told her I missed gaming with her so she sent me this site.

What is your favorite aspect of BMF? The community. The fact that people work together to create plots and interconnected characters. That ideas aren't just 'no' but willing to be worked with. And the unique application.

Where would you like to see BMF go in the future? Anywhere it can. More plots. More posts. To grow and get bigger and take over the world...

In Character Posting Dates: March 1, 2015 - May 15, 2015

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 History & Timeline
 Posted: Jun 4 2013, 07:28 PM
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The attack on Alcatraz by the Mutant Brotherhood caused an explosion of violence across the United States that caused thousands of deaths and the destruction of billions of dollars of property. It became apparent to both the Government and mutant leaders that they had to take action or the hostility would continue to grow and become uncontrollable. A hasty coalition of Government soldiers and mutants began the long process of putting out the fire that had consumed the nation. The United Peace Coalition (UPC) struggled for four years to stabilize the United States through the use of mutant power and human ingenuity. When it was discovered that the cure was no such thing, its use became common place to control inflammatory mutants. It was the perfect less lethal weapon. In 2009 a quiet settled on the nation while both sides recovered from the beating they had taken.

Those involved with the UPC realized they needed to take steps to make the peace permanent before it became the quiet before the storm. They used their influence and wealth to push forward laws requiring mandatory sentences for anyone, human or mutant, who created a disturbance based on race. A national high-tech prison was built to house prisoners from either race. The prison was dubbed the Heston Detention Center, and when troublemakers on both sides began to be sentenced for long periods of time in the HDC, racial hostility became too much of a risk. A true peace was enforced by the UPC and is still in place in 2013.

The first of the humans and mutants to be sentenced to the HDC are starting to get out. While they have kept the peace since their release, both sides have been talking about how those mutants and humans who joined the UPC were sellouts to their own race. While nothing overt has happened, violence against UPC agents are up and their laws and policies are under fire politically. While the political battle continues, an ominous feeling of imminent danger has insinuated itself throughout society. There is trouble brewing.

- James Howlett is born.

- James Howlett's power starts to manifest at age 13
- Both of James’ fathers are killed

- Howlett fights in the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War with his brother Victor.

- ​Erik Lensherr's power starts to manifest at age 15
- Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme meet as children

​- Erik Lensherr goes to America and sees the Statue of Liberaty

- Sebastian Shaw put missiles in Cuba.
- Emma Frost is captured by Professor X and Magneto
- Cuban Missile Crises
- Sebastian Shaw is killed by Magneto
- Magneto forms the Brotherhood

- Logan and Victor join Team X
- Logan quits Team X

​- Annie Malcolm dies in front of Jean Grey

​- Victor hunts down former Team X members
​- Charles and Erik visit Jean Grey
- Weapon X program

- Gambit and Wolverine meet
- Scott Summers' power start at age 17
- Wolverine loses his memory
- Fight at Three Mile Island

​- Ororo's power manifests at age 12

- Warren Worthington III's wings begin to show

​- Leech's testing begins for mutant cure

- X-Men
- X2: X-Men United

- X-Men: Last Stand
- Race Riots spread across United States
- The United Peace Coalition (UPC) is formed to control the violence

- Race Riots are ended
- The UPC back laws for long term sentences for any racial disturbance

- Heston Detention Center is built to house dangerous humans and mutants
- The UPC enforce peace

- The UPC and their laws are under political pressure
- Violence is on the rise
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