Characters: Jenny Thomas, Anna Wallace, Gina Lutz, Kaida Takadai, Jackson Street, Melody Guthrie and Kitty Pryde

Thread that best shows off your writing: Training? and Jinxed.

Writing strengths? Quick responses with meat (so not just a few words). Digging into characters motivations a bit.

What are you working on as a writer? Making my posts longer, using different words and really trying to find ways of digging in further to the characters psyche.

What were the biggest influences to your writing? Heinlein, Lucas, Herbert, JMS, Whedon.

Favorite X-men storyline/comic/artist/series? Storyline: Reaching way way back is probably the inital Brood one or the original Dark Phoenix. Single issue comic: Uncanny X-Men 303; it was the first one that I ever picked up. Artists: Oh god, The Kurbert brothers (Andy and Adam); Silvestri; Madureira; Cockrim; Byrne; Lee (I keep telling you all I have problems choosing!). Series: Original New Mutants and Generation X. Uncanny comes in third just because it's the original.

What drew you to BMF? KEL! We had a game together that died and I told her I missed gaming with her so she sent me this site.

What is your favorite aspect of BMF? The community. The fact that people work together to create plots and interconnected characters. That ideas aren't just 'no' but willing to be worked with. And the unique application.

Where would you like to see BMF go in the future? Anywhere it can. More plots. More posts. To grow and get bigger and take over the world...

In Character Posting Dates: March 1, 2015 - May 15, 2015

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 Maximillian Wylan, Fenris | Independent
Max Wylan
 Posted: Dec 28 2015, 01:54 AM

56 angst

98 posts
35 years

Maximilian Wylan
Player Info
Player Alias:Arjay
Activity Level:Y’all know me
RP Experience:

Top 3 Authors:
Top 3 Bands:
Top 3 Movies:

Mod Interest:
Character Info
Faction: Independent
Codename: Fenris
Face Claim: Kris Holden-Ried

Age: 35
Eyes & Hair: Brown/Brown
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 250
Scars, Marks or Tats: Various well-healed scars

- Your views on your character.
What is your character’s super power?
Max is an unshifted wolf shifter. He has the senses and instincts of a wolf, along with the feral rage that goes with such instincts. His strength is no more than that of a physically fit man, but he is able to tap into his feral nature to perform momentary feats of strength, adrenaline and sheer lack of restraint increasing his power in a fight for a time. He is able to move fast enough to run with a wolf pack, should he ever find one to run with.
Powers used: Feral Mind (3), Animal Mimicry (1.5), Peak human speed (1.5)

With RP I would like him to learn to finally shift into the form of a wolf and develop a healing factor.

What are the drawbacks or limitations to the power? Or what other powers may affect it?
As yet, while he might have the instincts of a wolf, he is still human. He has no claws, no sharper teeth to go with the power to help in a fight, needing to rely on whatever tools he can find to replace them. His instincts also don’t exactly mesh well with living a normal human life, and he is often forced to suppress his more animal instincts. This has still caused him many problems, notably problems with authority, as his instinct on obedience and interaction doesn’t always mesh with what… well, any job or social structure calls for.

What other characters on the site does your character know or interact with?
Anyone who works law enforcement might have used him at one point in time, but he has so far run mostly on his own. As always I’m open to ideas.

What are your short and long term goals for your character?
Short term, I’d like him to get integrated into some little group or other, although I’m not exactly particular which. Long-term, I’d like him to get more in touch with his wolf side than he’s allowed himself to, to the point that he can start to shift.

What kind of plot/s would you like to see? Or see for your character?
I’d need to see where this character fits into the grand scheme of the site before I decide that.

- In character interview questions.
Standing in front of a mirror, what do you see? What do you like and dislike about what you see?
I’ve been described as ‘rugged’ and I suppose that fits. My hair’s not particularly styled up, but I don’t let it go wild, my beard either. There’s a part of me that doesn’t care, that would just say the hell with styling my hair, but I’m still a man, and the person in me? Well, I think I look pretty good. I’ve never gotten any complaints, that much is sure. I need to fit in well enough that I can get lost in a crowd, but still be intimidating enough that in a confrontation, it works to my advantage. I think that so far, it’s worked out pretty well.

What are your favorite clothes? What do you wear for a special night out? Relaxing on Sunday?
Jeans work for anything, I’ve found. They’re thick enough that they offer some protection, and if you need to look nice, you just get a newer pair. I can’t say I’ve been in any situations where I would’ve needed to be dressed better than that, thank god. A special night… Impact resistant gloves and leg pads, body armor plates and kevlar under a leather jacket- look, my job can be rough, okay?

What makes you happy? Sad? Angry?
Anger’s a pretty easy one. I hate disrespect. I can’t stand disrespect. If someone’s got authority, they should have it because they earned it, because they deserve that. I respect that: Strength, competence, intelligence. Behavior should be simple: If someone’s above you, you respect them. You challenge them, they defend the position. You lose, you lick your wounds, that’s that, and you suffer for it. You win? Well, that can be complicated, but you deal with it. Unfortunately, too often authority is given to snakes that don’t deserve any respect, and they’re the ones that like to shove people around, and that…well, let’s say that I know from experience how unlikely some people are to press assault charges over a fight.

I’m happiest when I’m hunting. It doesn’t matter where I’m hunting. I get the same visceral charge from stalking down a deer as I would from stalking some bail-jumper or other lowlife I’m getting paid to follow. Hunting in the wild has a better ending, though, there’s nothing like a kill to make you feel alive. That makes me sound crazy, I suppose, but it’s not like that. I love deer, all the other prey that are out there… if I’m not hungry, I’m just as happy to let them go on their way, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry, and food that you’ve caught and skinned yourself, well, that’s its own pleasure. Bounty hunting is a close second, though. Sometimes they give themselves up, sometimes they put up a fight, and, well, I think I said something about respect earlier?

Were you raised by your family? Was it a productive relationship?
I wasn’t exactly what my parents wanted, no secret there. Dad… well, dad was weak. Middle management, flabby, liked to go to work and get pushed around and then come home and try to be the boss of the house. When I was about fifteen I pretty much stopped listening to him. I was in trouble at school a lot for the same reasons, and my mother wasn’t too happy about that for obvious reasons. I tried to mind her, you don’t go disrespecting the woman that gave birth to you- you have to respect that, right? But it was kind of hard. Instinct goes one way, reason goes the other, and reason doesn’t always win.

When did you know you had abilities others didn't? Did it change your life?
I can’t really pin down a time that it happened, it felt like more of a gradual shift. I started liking to be outdoors more, I started getting into fights with people I thought were trying to intimidate me, things like that. I wasn’t a bully… well, not much, I suppose. If someone weaker than me tried to make me look bad, instinct said to put them in their place. Aside from that, if someone was going earn my respect somehow, they had it. Sometimes it was for being smarter. Sometimes it was for something the could do. Instinct was complicated, especially mixing with human reason. I didn’t really figure out that I was a mutant until I started realizing that no, the things I heard, the things I smelled, were all things that no one else could smell or hear. A dog would perk up at something, I would too, but no one else would. I learned to shut up about it after I got too many funny looks.

Where were you and what were you doing during the Race Riots? Have you experienced any other anti-mutant behavior?
Ah, man, I was in the Force then. Those were some crazy times. I don’t think I won many friends then on either side, really. I didn’t really have any pity for humans that would do something like throw a brick at someone who could shoot lasers out of his ass, and I didn’t really have much pity for mutants that stuck their heads up and tempted fate and then got smacked around in return. If you’re a big shot, you don’t need to go proving it just to prove it. I did a lot of sending people home after telling them ‘tough shit, put some ice on it’ around then. Now… people that were picking fights in the riots and singling out the easy prey? That was where I drew the line, especially when they were singling out kids. You don’t hunt or fight for the pleasure of bringing something down- or, at least, you don’t just hunt for that, you hunt or fight to eat or to protect what’s yours, and you sure as hell don’t do it against kids. Say what you want about the police in the riots, but we were caught between two piles of shit with no way to get out without smelling in the end. A bunch of us did what we could to not get swept up in the hysteria, to just do our job to the spirit of the law (because there’s no way in hell the letter of the law covered any of that), and we’ll just say I wasn’t too upset when I got drummed out of the Force in the middle of it. Took a lot of ambiguity out of what I could do or had to do at that point.

Are you still towing the line alone, or do you hang out with a group of mutants? Why did you pick them?
I’ve never really made anything of being a mutant. I haven’t ever really fit in anywhere before. I haven’t registered, pretty much because no one ever notices that I’m a mutant.

What is your current living situation? How do you pay the bills?
I joined the police for a while, but it ended as badly as any other job I had. Training went fine. My instructors were good people. People that you could respect having over you as the big dog (yes, I went there). Once I was on the force, though, there was someone in charge of us that I couldn’t respect, the sort of rat that hides behind politics to overcome incompetence. Well, I can’t bring myself to respect that, so I ended up on my own after a rather lengthy and ugly dismissal. I do some PI work, and as much bounty hunting as I can manage. I didn’t only make enemies when I was on the force, I get some bond-jumpers kicked my way from old buddies, cases that they’re either too busy to catch up to or that they just flat-out can’t track down. What can I say, I’m good at hunting things down..

Are you in a relationship? If not, is there someone you would like to be?
Nothing serious. If there’s anyone I want to be serious, I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it.

Setting your abilities aside, what are you good at? What can you brag about?
Instinct might serve a lot of needs, but I’m still a human. In the wild, when I’m camping or just taking a sabbatical, I needed to learn to make shelters, start fires, every normal survival skill that outdoorsmen need aside from hunting. I also learned to get along with the wolfpacks. I might have instincts like theirs, but they know I’m not one of them. I had to learn how to read what they were feeling, what they were about to do, how to understand the dynamics in the pack. I wouldn’t say that I speak wolf so much as I learned to get my point across to them and understand what they wanted, and what they wanted me to see. It works pretty well for dogs, too, but that can get garbled sometimes if they’re domestic and trained to answer humans.

Everyone has vices or guilty pleasures, what are yours?
I drink. I get into fights. I have a job that lets me do both while I work. It’s a living. I tried smoking when I was younger, but do you know how much hell that is on super-smelling?

Ok, last chance! What should we know about you?
I think I’ve said enough.

 Posted: Dec 29 2015, 10:55 AM
All the Threads! /o/

494 angst

112 posts
^_^ years

Congratulations! You are approved. Make sure you fill out your Face Claim & Who’s Who. We have a community AIM chat group for plotting, and if you'd like to be involved, contact a staff member. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the posting timeline for new threads.
Max Wylan
 Posted: Sep 26 2016, 01:22 AM

56 angst

98 posts
35 years

Purchased upgrade: Animal Mimcry -> Animal shifting

Max is able to shift into a hybrid wolf-man form. In this form, he has the claws and jaws of a wolf, with a body structure that allows bipedal movement (or running on all fours if he really feels like it). He is taller and broader than a man in this shifted form, standing at roughly 7’ tall when standing erect, though he usually stands crouched down a bit. As a wolfman, he has proportionately more strength than he does as a human, owing to the increase in size, though it cannot be considered superhuman. His senses, already enhanced as a human, are even more acute in this form. Already able to keep up with wolf packs as a human, as a much larger-limbed werewolf, he can keep pace with cars (topping out around 70 miles an hour at a sprint, 50 miles an hour sustained.
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