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 Riot History/Timeline
 Posted: Aug 26 2013, 05:21 PM

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In retaliation for the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, the Sons of Humanity publicly executed four young mutants on national television.

Without Magneto holding them together, the Brotherhood fragmented. Each of the mutants tried to uphold Magneto’s vision of mutants over humans. Sabretooth gave into his baser instincts, and started a vendetta to exterminate the human race. His first attack left 18 dead and 30 wounded.

The X-Men closed ranks and gathered at Xavier School. A memorial to Jean Gray and all of those who died, were injured or cured during the battle was raised in the center of the hedge maze at the mansion. Ororo Munroe was elected Headmistress of the school, and immediately began to reassure students and their parents that although the X-Men had been involved in the fighting, they had not instigated it. A majority of the parents were convinced their children were safe, but that would change as the Riots escalated.

Some would say the biggest winner of the riots were the members of the Hellfire Club. Unconcerned with taking sides, they were able to reap the benefits of a war with short term investments medical supplies and weapons as well as long term investments in construction companies and international investments. Being one of the only stable investors in the chaos of the riots, the UPC relied heavily on the HFC to get started, and many of their board members are still HFC members.

Race Riots spread across United States and overshadow North Korea’s boasts of owning nuclear weapons. The world watches nervously as a super power deteriorates into chaos.

”US Burning. Who’s Playing the Fiddle?” – The Sun, London

“RIOTS - When Democracy Fails” - Deutche Welle

“US Reaping What They Have Sown”- Japanese GLOCOM

Due to the X-Men’s influence, New York stayed relatively unscathed. The Xavier Estate was fortified and used it to protect any mutants who asked for help. Too many parents believed this stance made target of their children, and pulled them from the school feeling they were safer at home. Soon after the drop in attendance the human teachers fled the school in fear of repercussions for teaching mutants. The school began to feel like a bunker rather than a school. As the riots grew, fewer students enrolled. This combined with the loss of the Professor using Cerebro to find new students, the estate barely remained viable as a school.

Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago fell into martial law where only the strongest survived and gangs ruled the city. The hatred and violence spread westward as the atrocities mounted on the news. The national news media were influential in quickly spreading the hate from coast to coast all in the name of ‘free speech’ and America’s right to know what was happening. Every day, they spread the word, and the violence grew exponentially.

Were it not for Hurricane Katrina providing a brief reprieve in the fighting, the US may have raged out of control before anyone could have stopped it. In the face of such a life changing disaster, the nation quit fighting long enough to rebuild the damages done by the hurricane. Some thought this signified a turning point in hostilities. Although they were wrong, the spark of an idea grew from the peace in Katrina’s wake.

Calvin Rankin and Storm along with others of the X-Men never gave up on a peaceful solution, and they used the cease fire Katrina provided to push for backing in both the political and business arenas.

The X-men started a counsel of mutants from those who had gathered at the estate. They discussed possible solutions to the growing tragedy that threatened to eclipse American history and how they could bring their idea of peace coalition to fruition.


By early 2006, the violence had spread across the US and only the most remote areas were left unaffected. The death toll reached the millions and both human and mutant alike seemed determined on the extermination of the other.

A powerful winter storm blankets the Northeastern United States dumping 1 to 2 feet of snow from Washington DC up to Boston, Massachusetts. The storm dumped a record 26.9 inches of snow in New York City. Hostilities ceased again in the face of mother nature, and allowed for the X-Men to get a jump on their new agenda. Although Ororo never admitted responsibility for the winter storm, she never denied it either.

In order to build a coalition of mutant abilities and human ingenuity, the X-men sent Calvin Rankin and Forge to consult with the new CEO of a new company. Victor Jennings had a vision the nanites his company produced could save the sick and heal the lame across the world. It wasn’t until the X-men approached him that he saw an opportunity to both help his country and jump start his R&D into other more profitable areas. NanComp’s facilities combined with Forge’s abilities proved to be a winning combination, and the first augmented soldier became viable 2 months later.

Initially, the soldiers created by NanComp showed little difference from a normally well trained soldier. Then during the first combat trials, the augmented soldiers began to separate themselves from the rest. They were calmer under fire, and they began to move faster and fire more accurately the harder they were pushed. Although wound repair was not at a healing factor level, it would slowly put a soldier back together over a matter of days or weeks depending on the injury. The project was a success and a strike team of augmented soldiers was put together. Codename: Hercules.

In an attempt to further regulate the chemicals made by the body in response to danger, Victor contact his good friend and fellow CEO April Lockwood. Avant Guarde Pharmaceuticals was cutting edge company which was ready to take its place as one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical community.

The initial idea was to give the nanites in an augmented soldier’s system the building blocks necessary to better suppress the negative results of sudden onset of a lethal situation. Allowing the soldier to think about their options rather than focusing on fight or flight.

Testing was an utter failure. The nanites would see the sub dermal packs of chemicals as a threat to the body and slowly encase them in tissue to prevent them from breaking or they would manipulate the body’s on defense system to build up a tolerance for the chemicals in the packs. Either way failed to enhance the soldier in any way.

What the testing did do was lead to a new kind of soldier. Where the nanite soldiers, Buggers to their buddies, took time to train to use the nanites in their system, Juciers could access the chemical packs or Chems in their system immediately. Buggers had to learn to deal with their constant speed and reflexes, Juciers never needed to know more than to hulk out and smash.

In order to better process and test both of the new methods of making a more capable soldier that could compete with mutants, Jennings and Lockwood decided to approach Moses Pretcher. Not only did he have the connections they would need to further their goals of creating a coalition, he was a fellow mutant of Lockwood and had spoken at length with her about how they could stop the Riots. He was already invested in stopping the riot and became a vocal supporter of the new UPC.

Pretcher put Jennings and Lockwood in contact with Quinn Mallory who was the CEO of another tech company who had the production facilities they needed as well as a stockpile of the materials they would need.

With all of the players and pieces in place, the foundation for the UPC was solidified and Operation Hercules began to grow. By the mid 2006, Hercules had 3 Bugger teams and 2 Jucier teams ready for action.

Hercules was first used to intercept and terminate a gunman who had gone on a killing spree near Seattle. Those who witnessed the event told local media it was a group of mutants who dealt with the situation.

Tornadoes ripped through the Midwest in record number. So many in fact that Ororo Monroe came under fire for using environmental violence to stop the violence made by humans and mutants. There is talk in the media about making her accountable for the lives that are lost. Ororo vehemently denies having any connection with the tornadoes.

Puerto Rico was relatively untouched by the rioting on main land, but by this time, refugees were starting to arrive by the hundreds. In a month, there were thousands. It did not take long for the violence to explode on the island. Refugees fought other refugees as well as the local law enforcement.

The largest riot on the West Coast happens in San Francisco. The early members of the UPC send soldiers to stop hostilities and bring some sort of peace to the area. Calvin Rankin was put in charge of the coalition forces and ultimately put his life on the line to stop the fighting. His death provided the final leverage needed to convince the government to take action. The United Peace Coalition (UPC) is formed.


In memory of Rankin’s death, Sabretooth went on a rampage through Colorado, Nevada and California leaving behind a wake of dead and dying humans. Death toll? Unknown.

The UPC begins the battle to shut down the riots in the X-Men’s backyard. The pacification of New York took two months, and at the end of the action, a standard pacification procedure is adopted and started in both Philadelphia and Chicago.

The release of the most innovative communications technology, the iPhone is pushed back indefinitely due to lack of interest. The UPC backs Apple and helps create interest in the iPhone in return for access and the ability to monitor Apple’s communication network.

While rioting continued, the nation was getting tired, and as more and more of the major instigators on both the mutant and human sides are taking to UPC detention facilities, the fire begins to cool.

Other countries around the world starting with the UK begin to pass legislation with stronger penalties for any instance of racial hatred in response to the rampant bloodshed in the United States. South Africa is the first to make it a capital crime.

By the end of 2007, peace had settled on the majority of the NE Untied States and was quickly spreading through the Midwest. The war between humans and mutants still raged in the NW and South, but the incidents of mass riots and loss of life were growing few and far between even in those areas. The people were growing weary and even those whose hatred burned the hottest couldn’t face any more loss of life.


A UPC Task Force is formed to expedite the capture and imprisonment of Sabretooth. After an eight month pursuit, they succeed in tracking him to a run down hotel in Montana where he was taken into custody.

UPC Soldiers occupied Seattle and put it under martial law with a curfew, and after a week of occupation moved south to Portland where they did the same. In the face of on going political pressure as well as continuing policing actions by the UPC, the Southern states quickly started to capitulate and the UPC had their victory.


As if the capture of Sabretooth was the final straw, the bloody swath in American history known as the Race Riots ended.
 Posted: May 26 2015, 12:09 AM
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2009 - mid 2013

After the Race Riots ended, things returned almost to normal. There was still tension, plenty of it, but the UPC stood steadfastly against any further uprisings, and holding Sabretooth, Erik Lehnsherr missing, there were few would could or would stand against them.

The next few years were quiet as an uneasy peace settled over the nation.

Mid 2013

The quiet continued, though there were some indications of restlessness. Rumors of mutants being held prisoner for no wrongdoing, news of small conflicts between the races… But nothing substantial.

Xavier’s School continued to teach mutant children their basic education mingled with training to hone and control their gifts. Magneto returned and reclaimed the Brotherhood, though the group ceased their terrorist activities and instead fell quiet as its leader insinuated himself into the appropriate groups, working with humans and mutants alike toward political peace, and, perhaps, equality of the races. The Hellfire Club played to both sides of the fence, catering to mutants and accepting them easily into the club while at the same time bargaining and making deals with the humans.

In July of 2013, Erik Lehnsherr sent one of his Brotherhood mutants to instigate a fight at a known anti-mutant bar, calling to report the fight in order to catch the attention of the X-Men. Of course the X-Men responded, Wolverine, Rogue, and Iceman entered the bar and rescued the mutant known to the Brotherhood as Asp, bringing her back to the school after. Asp worked to make sure the X-Men weren’t a threat to the Brotherhood, that the students were safe and the goals of the opposing team had not changed. She reported to Magneto faithfully, and proved to the Brotherhood she was capable.

Rogue and her pet dog (Winter Delacroix in disguise) left the school just in time for Remy LeBeau to sign onto the staff and begin teaching.

Then, in early September, mutants were kidnapped. The news had hinted that some mutants had begun to disappear, but the X-Men had been unable to find a pattern or find who was responsible for the disappearances. Until several of their own were taken: Jubilation Lee and the student, Emma Simmons, were kidnapped along with several others. The X-Men attempted to chase down the kidnappers, who had brazenly broken into the school itself to take their student, but they were unsuccessful in their mission to track the culprits down and bring home their missing.

Chloe Saavas was angry, having bonded with the young Emma Simmons, and, once the X-Men returned unsuccessful, turned to Magneto for help to get the girl safely back to the school.

While she was visiting Mr. Lehnsherr in his home early that morning, there was an attack on that very same apartment already in progress. In the end of a rather messy battle that cost at least one mutant their life, Chloe Saavas was captured, and brought to one Nathaniel Essex, a telepath who, over the course of her stay, manipulated her mind before setting her free as a weapon to take out a specific target: a mutant-hating politician in Germany. Erik Lehnsherr and Marie D’Ancanto freed Chloe and brought her home after being warned by a released Emma Simmons.

In the end, Erik Lehnsherr and Ororo Munroe came to terms and worked together, the Brotherhood and X-Men working together, if with a bit of tension. Jubilation Lee destroyed the facility that was holding and experimenting on herself and other young mutants to create a sort of collar that could hinder and suppress their mutations. Once she was free, she returned to Xavier’s, though her view of the world had changed dramatically.

On Halloween Warren Worthington III threw a successful Gala, and many mutants, X-Men, Brotherhood, and Hellfire Club alike, attended.

In late November, after Thanksgiving, Marie D’Ancanto was kidnapped by Sabretooth after he escaped the UPC prison with the help of the Brotherhood. No one saw this coming, and she was brutally held captive for a month before Magneto found her just before Christmas.

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