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Thread that best shows off your writing: Training? and Jinxed.

Writing strengths? Quick responses with meat (so not just a few words). Digging into characters motivations a bit.

What are you working on as a writer? Making my posts longer, using different words and really trying to find ways of digging in further to the characters psyche.

What were the biggest influences to your writing? Heinlein, Lucas, Herbert, JMS, Whedon.

Favorite X-men storyline/comic/artist/series? Storyline: Reaching way way back is probably the inital Brood one or the original Dark Phoenix. Single issue comic: Uncanny X-Men 303; it was the first one that I ever picked up. Artists: Oh god, The Kurbert brothers (Andy and Adam); Silvestri; Madureira; Cockrim; Byrne; Lee (I keep telling you all I have problems choosing!). Series: Original New Mutants and Generation X. Uncanny comes in third just because it's the original.

What drew you to BMF? KEL! We had a game together that died and I told her I missed gaming with her so she sent me this site.

What is your favorite aspect of BMF? The community. The fact that people work together to create plots and interconnected characters. That ideas aren't just 'no' but willing to be worked with. And the unique application.

Where would you like to see BMF go in the future? Anywhere it can. More plots. More posts. To grow and get bigger and take over the world...

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 Creed, Victor | 187, Sabretooth | Liev Schreiber
Victor Creed
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Victor Creed
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▽ Player Interview ▽

What is your character’s super power?

Superhuman Senses -- Victor's sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing are enhanced and just shy of an actual animal's ability. These make Victor a great tracker, as he can easily decipher different scents, can taste scent on the air if it's fresh enough, can feel minute differences, can see at much greater distances than humans, as well as in the dark, and can hear at much greater distances and with much greater clarity than a normal human.

Superhuman Physical Ability and Reflexes -- Victor has greater physical strength than a human. He also has greatly augmented speed, especially when he runs on all fours, which will allow him to travel up to 35 MPH. His agility and reflexes are also much greater than a human's, allowing him to leap, dodge and react at much greater heights and speeds.

Regenerative Healing Factor -- This is Victor's primary attribute. It is nearly impossible to kill Sabretooth unless you behead him completely with the Muramasa blade because his body heals so rapidly. This rapid heal factor also allows for superhuman stamina and resistance to all poisons. This also attributes to how Victor can withstand extreme cold with no apparent side effects. Victor's extended longetivity is also an effect of this healing factor.

Fangs and Retractable Claws -- Victor has very pronounced canines, especially on his bottom row of teeth. When he wants he can make them very hard to see, even in person, by being careful about how he speaks and moves his mouth. However when he is not careful they are very pronounced and easy to spot. Sabretooth also has claws that extend and retract from his fingers. These claws are very sharp and can pierce most metals, allowing him to scale something like a tin silo. When not extended Victor's large fingers look normal.

Psionic Resistance -- Sabretooth has slight psionic resistance. His mind is able to be penetrated, but his ferality won't allow him to be completely controlled for long periods of time, especially if someone is forcing him to do something he absolutely doesn't want to do. Only extremely good telepaths can even remotely control him.

What are the drawbacks to their power? Or what other powers may affect it?

Superhuman Senses -- It should be noted that though he has superhuman senses, he is also susceptible to distortion of the senses. Such as being drunk (though that takes an amazing quantity of liquor/beer due to his regenerative abilities). Also, something like supersonic sound would really batter his mind because of his hearing. The same goes for all his other senses.

Superhuman Physical Ability and Reflexes -- Though Victor is immensely strong, even slightly stronger than Wolverine, he is still not as strong as someone like Colossus. He can lift right around a ton. He is also very fast, agile, and has great reflexes, but he would not be able to dodge bullets. If the shot was from a mile away and he heard and sensed it coming, he could perhaps manage to move from its radius in time, but in a normal gun fight he would move quickly and hope for bad aim.

Regenerative Healing Factor -- Though it is nearly impossible to kill Victor, he does not heal instantly. If he were to be dismembered, he would grow an appendage back within three to four days. If his head was severed and a sliver of skin was left, it's possible that his head would re-attach itself. The only sure way to kill Sabretooth is to behead him with the Muramasa blade, which somehow annuls rapid healing effects.

Psionic Resistance -- Victor is only slightly resistant to mind control/probing. He is not like Remy LeBeau, of which it is impossible to penetrate his mind unless he lets you. Victor is extremely feral, which means physically making him do something, especially if the whole of his mind and body is against it, is nearly impossible. However a strong telepath like Professor X or Jean Grey, especially if assisted by Cerebro, would be able to penetrate his mind. A good telepath would be able to read his thoughts, but it would take significant strength and ability to actually fully manipulate Sabretooth.

Victor also has a proclivity toward the calmness that psionic interference and interaction bring. This can lead to him becoming addicted to it, like a drug, for its mind changing effects.

Victor's time locked up has had an adverse effect on him, mostly due to the mask that stifled his senses and desensitized him to the world. Unable to really sense what was going on, it inflicted him with claustrophobia. While he can be in-doors, being in tight places or being around a ton of people at once makes him very agitated. This, especially if coupled with rage, can make him lash out, in-discriminately hurting friend and foe alike until either knocked out or calmed out of his trance by someone. Another example is if he was in an elevator. So long as he's not in a fight or flight situation, he'd more than likely back into the corner, sweat beading off his brow, hoping to the gods, fates, whatever that the ride would end soon so he could jump out and get some clean air.

At the moment, there is no-one truly near and dear to Victor. But if overtime someone, say a lover, were able to worm their way into Victor's heart, they could potentially stave off his rage and calm him. Buried beneath brutality and viciousness is an underlying sentiment of loyalty. Earn that, and Sabretooth is as stalwart as they come.

How do you see your character fitting into the site plot?

Sabretooth will be aligned with the Brotherhood, so he will be dealing a lot with Magneto. He hates that humans think they have superiority over mutants, so anything he can do for the 'dark side,' will be done. Particularly vicious, Victor will be on the front lines of carnage, whether it be tearing a human apart or a battle royale with a mutant of an opposing faction. It's all about physical superiority and power.

What other characters on the site does your character know or would interact with?

Victor is old for a mutant, and as thus he has a long history and has interacted with many different characters at one point or another. He has had interaction with many of the X-Men, particularly Remy LeBeau and his own half-brother, James Howlett. He has also had interaction with Magneto, whom he followed in the Brotherhood. Sinister was also involved in Victor's past.

What are your short and long term goals for your character?

Sabretooth is currently imprisoned for going on human killing sprees. He is widely regarded by the public as the most dangerous mutant alive. There's a possibility that he may be a touch more insane and more feral than before, after his solitude and time being jailed in one of the most secure places in the world. I'd like to see him firstly escape the prison by whatever means necessary. Then seek out his revenge, find a cause he is on board with, and assert himself accordingly.

What kind of plot/s would you like to see? Or see for your character?

I want to see him freed from prison, then respected for the powerful mutant that he is. I want to see him meet his half-brother again, violently, on multiple occasions. On a broader scope, I'd like him to be central to the Brotherhood's future plans, whatever they may be, so long as Magneto can win him over to his cause once again.

▽ IC Interview ▽

Standing in front of a mirror, what do you see? What do you like and dislike about what you see?

The man, all six-foot-six of him, looked at his interviewer, his extensive muscle mass coiling and bunching up for long moments as he smiled his toothy smile. "Care to bring me a mirror? I must confess, it has been a while since I've seen my ....reflection." Long blond hair was lank and caressing his bare shoulders, his beard a crazed and soiled tangle, reaching about a hand's span downward from his strong jaw line. Fierce, angry blue eyes stared back, lifting one arm forward ever so slightly, all that was allowed of him, before the clink of a chain thick enough to dock the Titanic held him back. "As you can see," he flexed a massive arm, causing another audible clink of chain for effect, "I've been a bit detained." His voice was a deep rumble, nearly a growl, bringing to mind some primal predator, rage barely in check. He was shirtless to the waist, where plain black orange prison pants took over. Victor's upper body could have belonged on a body builder, his shoulders huge, atleast an axe handle across, positively bulging with muscle. The same followed down over his muscular chest and clenching six pack of a torso.

"So. You tell me. What do you see? Last I checked I was a damn good looking man. As it is, this is the first time outside of that fucking helmet since they threw me in this god damn place. It's nice to breathe semi-fresh air." As he looked over at the helmet that de-sensitized him, kept him somehwat docile, and was driving him insane he became more and more agitated, baring his teeth, bottom canines jutting forward as his face became a mask of rage. The interviewer promptly ran and called for the guards.

What is your favorite clothes? What do you wear clubbing? Sunday in front of the TV?

"I'm a huge fan of chains, whips, de-sensitizing helmets, I wear it all, sweetheart," Victor flashed his protruding canines in what for most would have been an endearing smile. On him it looked like he wanted to take a fierce bite out of something. "Really, though, when I'm not chained up or out stalking the countryside I'm typically in a suit and a button down. The tie is optional. At home? I'm naked. When I'm hunting I'm in camo. When I'm clubbing? Fuck clubbing. That's like shooting fish in a barrel. I fancy the stalk, the hunt, the big game. Not some overpopulated prey fest," he paused a moment, eyes squinting. "Unless you've really pissed me off."

What makes you happy? Sad? Angry? Turned on?

"Being anywhere but this fucking cage makes me happy. Hunting, fucking, and power make me happy. Venison. Raw and steaming from a fresh kill, that makes me happy," hunger stirred in him as he answered, saliva permeating his mouth as he tugged at his chains, a wild, feral look in his eyes as he moved on to the next part of his answer.

"What makes me angry? You fucking humans thinking you can kill any mutant and get away with it. What gives you the right to even exist with us, let alone persecute us? But I already proved that, didn't I, when I eviscerated thousands of you miserable souls. An eye for an eye. Except I took two eyes for every one, you bunch of pathetic fucks."

Were you raised by your family? Was it a productive relationship?

"Not to get all sappy over my parents or anything, but they had me chained up in the basement. My father beat me. Pulled my teeth out with pliers. You know, the kind of thing great fathers do. Until I mawed my hand off and escaped just so I could bash his skull in. So, you tell me, is that a productive relationship? I'd like to think it was. You fuck with me, you get your throat ripped out. I still have a half-brother, James. Perhaps you've heard of the runt? Last I heard he was gallivanting about with a bunch of mutant do-gooders. He better still be alive. He's not allowed to die until I rip his adamantium gilded head off."

When did you know you had abilities others didn't? Did it change your life?

"You see, my memory has been tampered with. A sweet little by-product of you non-mutant scientists. I don't remember a whole lot of my early childhood. I've always been aggressive. I killed one of my brothers over a piece of pie. That got me chained up in the basement. My teeth had already began to grow out," Victor gave a toothy smile, revealing his elongated canines, chomping down several times to let the sound of teeth slamming together echo through the chamber, "I suppose you could say when my dad pulled my teeth out and they repeatedly grew back, that was a turning point. If my teeth grew back that quick, could the rest of me? I mulled this over, locked in the basement as I was. A cage. Just like this one. Except not as clean, no, not nearly as clean. Well I got super pissed one day and decided to say fuck it and bit off my hand. Got free. Killed that mother fucker for what he did. Couple days later I had a new hand. Fancy, eh?"

What happened to your during the Riots? Have you experienced any other anti-mutant behavior?

"I was minding my own business when non-mutants starting killing mutants. Here's the thing, do antelopes gang up and kill a lone lion? No, they don't. Because they're smart and know that even a tame lion has claws. You bunch of dumbasses forgot that lesson, and those idiot X-Men helped you out with that whole docile notion. I gave you all a wake up call. This lion came out for dinner and killed hundreds of you stupid antelopes at a time. Kill a few, move on. Kill a few, move on. Eventually you pathetic fucks caught me. But not until I made you pay. Made you pay dear."

Are you still towing the line alone, or do you hang out with a group of mutants? Why did you pick them?

"I'm in chains in solitary. Is any group worthy of my allegiance? I'd say I identify with the Brotherhood, but you have to be worthy of this dog's loyalty. Perhaps they'll sweeten the deal and get me out of this dismal abyss. And away from that mask. That mother fucking mask. I'd even think of working with that bullshit X-Men crew if they got rid of that thing. Well. For a day or two, at least. Until my rage against non-mutant elitists takes over and I rip out some throats. Yeah. The X-Pansies wouldn't like that. Wouldn't like that at all."

What is your current living situation? How do you pay the bills?

Victor forcefully threw his arms forward, chains once again clinking as he looked up with burning blue eyes, "What's it fucking look like, genius? I'm locked away in this god damn cage. I was CIA once, you know. And an assassin. That shit pays, boyo. And it pays well."

Are you in a relationship? If not, is there someone you would like to be?

"No. I'm not. It would take a hell of a woman to tie me down at this point. Someone witih perhaps as much predator and animal in her as I have. And rage. Rage against those stupid fucks that think they can kill mutants and not pay a price. I like it rough. And so should she."

Outside of your abilities, what are you good at? What can you brag about?

"I'm a hunter. A damn good one, too. You see, I'm good at killing. Though I'd save an animals life before a human's any day. As I mentioned before I was CIA and an assassin. I was also in the armed forces with my shitstain of a half-brother, so I guess you could say I'm also really handy with weapons. Guns. Knives. Swords. Grenades. Rocket launchers, it doesn't fucking matter, if it kills I can wield it. I prefer hand to hand, though. Most definitely hand to hand. I'll pop a head off a body like an over-ripe zit. Or punch your ribs in until blood gurgles and froths at your lips. Mmmm... yeah. Hand to hand."

Everyone has vices, what are yours? Any guilty pleasures?

"I'm rather .....aggressive. Is that a vice? I get pissed off and then there's this beast that rears up from my soul. Who am I to cage him? Someone wants to fight, why not fight? You want to fuck, why not fuck? You want to hunt, why not hunt? Don't tell me what to fucking do and I want tell you either. Not that I can't take orders and direction. You've just gotta earn my loyalty. Then I'm yours."

Ok, last chance! What should we know about you?

"If you haven't gathered this yet, I want out of this god damn cage. I don't regret killing all those people. No one gets to kill James other than me. I like my meat raw. And.... I may be losing touch with reality because of that fucking helmet. LET. ME. OUT." Victor's snarls echoed through his solitary room as he jerked against his chains, muscle pulsing and roiling as the journalist scurried out, the guards coming in with tasers as they refitted his helment. The journalist could hear the struggle even down the hallway, some one hundred yards across the complex.

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